Writefull webinar

Writefull webinar

Using language models trained on millions of journal articles, Writefull corrects grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and more – aimed specifically at academic writing.

Today let me invite you to a live webinar organised by Writefull to get practical language tips for writing your next paper, your thesis, or other academic text!

Writing your paper or thesis: academic language tips

The linguists will share language do’s and don’ts: common errors to avoid, phrases to use, and other insights that will help you write a solid text. They will use a data-driven approach by looking at examples and patterns from real publications.

Expected duration: 45 mins.

Speakers: Dr. Mélodie Garnier (Applied Linguist at Writefull), Dr. Hilde van Zeeland (Applied Linguist at Writefull)

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If you have any additional questions, subscription price request, or would like to apply for a trial you can reach me out using the contact information below.

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